We are providing the ocean flux community with a set of resources for the estimation, analysis and intercomparison of ocean surface fluxes. These tools are built by the project team but we will be happy to share on this project portal any other tool or resource you think could be relevant to the community and enrich this portal.

To submit your own tools or for any issues with the available tools, please contact Jean-François Piollé or Antoine Grouazel at Ifremer.

The resources provided so far, in addition to all the relevant data collected for this thematic include processing capabilities, offered by Ifremer/Cersat Nephelae platform, and software tools or online applications.

Software tools

Various open source software resources are made available. The source code can be retrieved from Ifremer/CERSAT Git repository. The current list of tools is provided in the table below:







A python package for reading various data formats and mapping them into pattern-specific classes.




A python package providing various formulaes and parameterizations to estimate various geophysical quantities. It includes a specific subpackage for turbulent fluxes providing a python implementation of all main models (Coare3, Coare4, Smith 88, LKB, Large & Pond). It is used on the input data collected by OHF project to build its reference dataset.




An implementation in python of the calculation of [Guelev et al, 2009] probability distribution functions (PDF).



Online applications

Online flux calculator (version Alpha)

This web application allows you to build your own turbulent flux climatology, using different available parameterizations (Coare3, Coare4, Smith 88, LKB, Large & Pond) and selecting for each input quantity a specific source among the different ones which have been collected by OHF project.

The processing is then run on Nephelae cloud and the calculated fluxes returned to the user with some comparison to insitu buoy measurements.


Visualization of references turbulent flux datasets (version Beta)

Application to browse maps and timeseries of the 8 references datasets chosen in Ocean Heat Flux project.

Calculate online your pdf (version Alpha)

An interactive application to calculate at any point or over any area the corresponding PDFs (based on Guylev, 2012) over the different flux datasets collected or produced by Ocean Heat Flux project. Check here.